SCANDAL - Hello World [Download Album/ MP3]

Hello World is the sixth studio album by Japanese pop rock band, Scandal. The album was released on December 3, 2014 in Japan by Epic and being distributed in Europe through JPU Records. Hello World debuted at #3 on the Oricon chart, selling over 35,000 copies in its first week. It also reached the top spot of the Canadian iTunes Store's World Music Chart.

Tracklist :

1. "Image"
2. "Your Song"
3. "Love in Action"
4. "Departure"
5. "Graduation"
6. "Yoake no Ryuuseigun"
7. "Onegai Navigation"
8. "Runners High"
9. "Hon wo Yomu"
10. "Kan Beer"
11. "Winter Story"
12. "Oyasumi"
13. "Place of Life" (feat. Tetsuya Komuro)

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