Yamamoto Sayaka - Rainbow [Download Album/ MP3]

Album : Rainbow
Release Date : 2016.10.26

Rainbow is the first album of Sayaka Yamamoto, a member of Japanese idol girl group NMB48. She made her solo debut with this album. It was released on 26 October 2016 under the label laugh out loud records. There are two editions. The limited edition includes a DVD with music video and the regular edition has only audio CD.
A musician Shikao Suga and Takuro, a guitarist of the rock band Glay provided a song but most of the songs and lyrics were written by herself. The sound producer is Seiji Kameda. He is best known as the former member of Tokyo Jihen.

It was number three on the weekly Oricon Albums Chart with 50,375 copies sold. It was number two on the Billboard Japan Album Sales Chart


1.Rainbow Rose (レインボーローズ)
2.Yuki Koi (雪恋)
3.Hitokoto (ヒトコト)
4.Kanojo ni Naritai (彼女になりたい)
5.Ai no Baton (愛のバトン)
7.Tsukikage (月影)
8.Smile (スマイル)
9.Kokoro no Tate (心の盾)
10.Hitoiki Tsukinagara (ひといきつきながら)
11.Gimonfu (疑問符)
12.Shiawase no Kakera (幸せの欠片)
13.Melody (メロディ)

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