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Album : GAUZE
Release Date : 1999.02.28

Gauze is the first studio album released by Dir En Grey on July 28, 1999. It is the band's first full-length record. Five tracks were produced by X Japan co-founder Yoshiki Hayashi, all of which had been previously released as singles. The album was originally released on July 28, 1999 as a standard version with a thick CD case, 36-page booklet with the CD reading surface painted red, through East West Japan. An initial limited version was released on the same day, including a translucent red sleeve with a cloud pattern, 12-page picture booklet, a 36-page lyrics booklet, and the red painted CD in a maxi-CD single case for a sticker price of ¥3,059 ($27.27). The album was later re-issued as standard version only, with a silver disc on October 31, 2001, through Free-Will. Although live performances of songs from this album have been extremely rare since 2003, the album still contains some of the band's most popular songs like "Cage" and "Yokan".

Tracklist :

AUZE -mode of adam-
Schwein no Isu (Schweinの椅子; Chair of the Pig)
Yurameki (ゆらめき; Waver)
raison d'etre (reason of being)
304 Goushitsu, Hakushi to Sakura (304号室、白死の桜; Room 304, Cherry Blossoms of White Death)
Tsumi to Batsu (蜜と唾; Crime and Punishment)
mazohyst of decadence
Yokan (予感; Premonition)
ZAN (残-ZAN-; Remains)
Akuro no Oka (アクロの丘; The Hill of Acropolis)
GAUZE -mode of eve

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